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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
vkas, that is good news for the kitty. Again though. bless you for caring for this little creature. You have a good heart. We'd love if you were to stick around and share your stories with us, and pics of your current kitty too! Oh, I see you have 10 posts, I must go see!
I wish I could talk about my kitties but I said goodbye to my last fur baby right before Christmas, she was a young 20 and the year before that at Easter my other sweetie at the age of 17 (what is it with the holidays?!).

My better half who lives in North Bay has a 7-year old cat and we plan on adopting another one because the other cat ran away in June...we're really, really hoping she'll come back (her lost poster in up on this site) but the remaining kitty is so lonely...if she comes back, we'll have three
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