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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
So my cat Phoebe has a bit of cholesterol apparently. She was suffering from a tummy ache but the symptoms first showed up as limping from her right back leg. I at first thought she had hurt herself jumping from a high place or that the horse play with my cats had gotten out of hand early in the morning.

I rushed to the vets and they did x-rays, blood tests ect. The x-rays revealed that she was constipated (colon still normal size) but there were also many pockets of gas that could have caused the pain. She has taken a bit of lactulose each day since and seems better. However the vet told me her cholesterol was just a bit higher than it should be. The number which was just a bit over 9 did not mean much to me and I had a hard time understanding the implications. However her symptoms apparently did not warrant me bringing her in for further tests immediately. The shaved her neck, on both sides. I think they started on one side for the blood tests and for some reason shaved the other side. I wasn't aware they took blood in the neck.

The vet said she would be sicker if it was a pancreas issue. So when will I know to go back. She is back to normal now however lately she refuses to eat with the boys for some reason. She would prefer to starve then eat near them. I have to bring her food to her. I have one cat Tommy who will eat his food then push her aside and eat hers and Nikes if there is left over. He always eats till he vomits so I have started throwing out the leftovers. I think this may be why she won't eat with them anymore.
Is Phoebe eating OK when you bring her the food? How about water , is she refusing water too? I would made sure she is drinking water. did the vet put your cat on a special diet for her cholesterol? If she is an outside cat maybe she has to cut back on how many mice she eat.
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