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Going to have to agree with the poster above. Try the Thundershirt. Introduce it slowly and positively, when you are with him and he's happy and hungry. Feed him in it, play with him in it, and when it comes time... Leave him alone in it for a small amount of time. It worked wonders on my Siberian Husky, who would howl like a wolf no matter what I tried, and how shortly I was gone. Even tried hiding treats around the house everywhere, and only leaving for a few minutes, but he still howled and ignored the treats (and his stuffed Kong!) but he can now have a nice long nap while I'm gone for hours, as long as his Shirt's on.
"Dogs don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Ever. Every morning they're happy to see you, longing for a moment of your time and a simple pat on the head. Every day they tell you "HELLO! GOOD MORNING! I LOVE YOU, LETS HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!". Days I wake up without that, it's a lot easier to be "bah. day. yuck." I'm weird like that though."
-Some guy on a forum.
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