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Sorry I didn't see your message, DD, I actually proved sensitive to the Tramahexal the Dr put me on too after the op. so didn't feel even halfways like I'd survive until I took myself off it last week.
Jarrah is about to see what dog showing is all about, but only as a spectator.
A friend(All Breeds Judge, breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs) (who sometimes handled Perkins in the show ring for me) is judging locally this weekend and I will take Jarrah over there for her opinion on which of her stud dogs might suit her as a mate IF all of Jarrah's health tests are okay. I have just sent paperwork off for the PLL and coat colour tests, PLL being (mental block) LOL, primary lens luxation. PRCD has already been done.Coat colour test is to see if she carries the genes for cream,chocolate etc.. Same test they do for Labs I think, but don't quote me on that. Hips, elbows and hearing will be done down in Ballarat later. She's just been in season so I need to wait a while before I get her hips scored.
Just one photo of her today, out in my overgrown garden cum dog cemetry. I'll bet she'd love to have another cattle dog to tear around with in there.
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