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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Ummm,, that would be money! Anybody with a recommendation of a good general use camera (kids and pets) that won't break the bank??
Yessiree - You 100% want a DSLR. All point and shoot cameras are fairly bad for kids and pets because they move so quickly. P&S cameras are capable of fantastic results when there is lots of light and no moving subject but this is not the case w/pets or kids. Trust me on this one...get a DSLR.

You are looking at 500. for a new camera with a lens. Hope that doesn't break the bank.

I have actually played with this camera - it is FABULOUS for learning photography - but it also goes totally auto if u want it to.

This model is slightly better but it's 679.

These are entry level Nikons. Entry level Canons are just as good imo, I just have more experience w/Nikon.

Hope that may help
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