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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Welcome! what do you feed him? These spots look alot like my old dog Winston used to have for awhile. We tried everything to get rid of them. Mine may have been a bit worse than the ones you have shown. We tried things from the vet and then we suspected it might have been environmental or pesticides but in the long run I made a food change.

Basically I went from a regular lamb and rice and/or chicken based food to

No grains, no by products, and a kibble that had a high meat content.

We used Orijen food if you havent heard of it.

As soon as we made the change the spots disappeared and never returned and we had been trying for a couple of years to figure out what was causing them.

Good Luck

He is beautiful by the way!!

Thank you he is cute. I feed him Nutro Lamb and Rice. I have been feeding him that for a long time, ever since i took him off his puppy food. What other food should I try if the Orijen is not available. Which flavor did you get for the Orijen?
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