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17 year old cat with KD

Just recently found out that Spice has KD, Vet sold me 5 - 5.5 oz cans of Hill K/D for $17.00 ouch.

I was at petcetra and they had Royal Canin, I wasn't sure which one to buy and they didn't have Renal LP21. So I got Innova Cat & Kitten canned -

I got a can and some Dry ( as we will be going away and it will be easier on my neighbour who will be checking on her and feeding her )

I also got a can of Nutrience Holistic Beef Stew - looks like all good stuff but know I read it has broth in it too.

What do you think - should take them back and see if they have Wellness? and if so which canned wellness?

Thank you.:
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