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Dog has skin Condition Vet Doesnt know what it is...? Anyone know?

I have an american staffordshire terrier ... he is a pure breed... very nice dog and very healthy.

Only thing is he has developed these spots under his belly. his belly (skin) used to be a pink color... over the summer from being outside all the time his skin turned dark brown/black... at first we though it was dirt... now its kind of black but there are pink spots showing up that kind of look like what his whole belly used to look like.

We have had a hot summer... i am not sure what to make of the spots... he doesnt itch them or lick them. everything seems normal with his attitude and behavior.

A couple months ago we pulled a tick off him that was biting him but it wasnt engorged and it is known that it wasnt in there for long. we check him all the time. they are easy to see on him because the color of his hair and his hair is really short. we can spot tiny ticks on him from far away. I dont think its from the tick bite but i figured it would throw that out there.

I am just not sure what is making this happen
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