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might well have been

Originally Posted by coppperbelle
While you are right that Nutro is a good food, my dogs got very sick on it. It took awhile for the problem to start but both dogs would vomit bile on a daily basis. I was advised to increase the amount of feeding they received which worked for a few weeks and then the vomiting started again. Once again I did as advised and increased the amount of food they were receiving. It was okay for a few weeks and when they began vomiting at the same time everyday a few minutes apart from each other I changed their food back immediately.
if you chose the lamb and rice version as opposed to the chicken and rice version. Some dogs cannot handle lamb in there stomachs at all. Most dogs that we have introduced it to in rescue have done so much better on it and there coats have just glistened from the change in about two weeks. Funny how some dogs don't do well on it. It's not the first time I have heard of problems.
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