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Honestly - anything that keeps her out of town is a good thing.

While one can go on and on about the cruelty of zoos and aquariums - the simple fact is that people tend to connect more closely with things that they can actually see with their own eyes and not just on television. The majesty of a tiger is just so much "more" when you watch them in a zoo than when you watch a show on National Geographic. In this day and age, when technology is so advanced that we can see anything on our computer screens, it takes something away from the actual living, breathing creatures. Seeing them "up close and personal" in a zoo or an aquarium gives us more reason to care and shows us the importance of protecting the lands or oceans that they are native to.

At the rate that humans are abusing this planet, it is perfectly conceivable that in the not too distant future, the only place we will be able to see some of these species of animals will be in a zoo or aquarium.
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