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Kitten Deworming Question/Concern

I just adopted a kitten a yesterday. He is a supper sweet tuxedo kitten (14 weeks) named Zero and he is already my baby! Right before he was handed over to me I watched him receive what I was told was his 4th round of deworming medication. The lady told me they normally only do 3 rounds but this was just a precaution just to make sure. She also gave him some flea medicine to make sure too. However last night I noticed a little white tape worm wriggle from his behind. I did find a dead one in his poop this morning but I saw another one wriggling (though very slowly) on his furr just about an hour ago.

My question therefore is this: is this normal? Are the worms just trying to escape or something? I happened to catch him in his litter box and saw the dead one but the live one I saw just a while ago concerns me. How long does it usually take for dewormer to take effect? The lady gave him a yellow liquid/paste but I don't know the exact medication she used.
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