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haha...troll, maybe, speaking the truth, definetly

Hello all, there is no point mentioning my name as I am sure quite sure actually you will all hate me at the end of this post, so will not be returning, or looking at responses actually, but I am putting this message out there for any owner's who come to this site having a mix breed. I am a vet technician and work at my local animal shelter on the weekends at times. I came upon a post where you all pretty much attack this poor guy for getting his wife a Morkie. I have never had a Morkie, don't know much about the breed as a combination, I agree it is a mutt of course, but if he wants to call it a Morkie let him!), but I will tell you one thing, you all complaining at him and attacking his choice to get a Morkie, but your various reasons is so wrong. I work at the shelter, as of right now about half yes half of our animals are purebred! So your complaint that the result of "designer dogs" are overpopulating the world and leading to deaths of millions of unwanted dogs is ridiculous. I have two rescues purebred golden retrievers from there, that when I got them it was quite clear why they were given up by inexperienced owners. You see it is not the designer, mutts we should worry about it is the breeders/owners, PEOPLE themselves. Also this is just mine and my boss's opinion of course (a vet) but through our experience, our purebreds do experience more health problems then mutts. My two Golden's (whom I love) have had many actually later on in their lives-they are pure, I have the documentation to prove it, one is even ckc reg. Why don't we go after the puppy mills, instead of people who are getting their mutts not from puppy mills, but even though not reg. it seems like responsible breeder. My great Aunt who actually bred CKC Dalmatians, told me so many fellow breeders/ friends that she has met, do pump as many pups as they can out in order to make money. Before I had these purebreds" I had mutts other than one purebred, and guess what! That CKC registered German Shepard died at 5 years old from a brain hemorrhage. So far in my volunteer career, I have helped shut down 8 puppy mills in my province, what have you guys done other then complain?! You all talk about how there is a overpopulation of mutts, in my opinion there are too many purebred breeders in general out there, there is enough so there should be no worry a Golden Retriever will disappear as a breed, Go volunteer at your local shelter, or help a local volunteer organization in shutting down puppy mills, or horrible back yard breeder's then talk.As I agree many of these designer dog breeders are BYB, many, many are not.Do proper research. Sorry but I see buying a purebred CKC reg. dog here the same as actually purchasing a mutt, I would do neither.Though if you can make excuses why you have bought your purebred, do not look down on someone buying a mutt from a reputable (yes not certified) breeder who cares just as much about breeding their Mix as your CKC reistered breeder cares about breeding her dogs-as I know one lady who breeds her purebred poodle and purebred golden together, only because she finds less health problems and better dogs all around, after may I add being a retired Golden Retreiver CKC breeder for over 20 years!
Anyways, chow!
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