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Originally Posted by tjmaxx View Post
Hi, I was looking for some information regarding normal glucose levels for a dog on the raw food diet. Maxx has been on raw food since March, 2011. Had a blood test done in July 2011 and everything was normal. Did another one this July and my vet can't understand why he is not in a hypoglycemic coma. She said that normal values should lie between 3.6-7. Everything else was normal. Maxx is a high energy dude. Not looking too comatose! It is hard to talk to my vet as she has a major aversion to the raw food thing. Are normal blood values for dogs on commercial pet foods even applicable to raw fed dogs?
Thanks for any help!
A blood glucose level of .01 mmol/L is impossible, so I would guess lab error if that's what the vet is saying the results were.

Normal blood glucose values would be the same no matter what the dog was eating.
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