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Originally Posted by Susanscl View Post
Hey everyone... Well, my sweet girl Reggie, who is 11 yrs old this month has been acting very strange. A couple of weeks ago she started holding her tail (docked) to one side, and sort of scooting sideways. She only did it for one day, she was fine for 4 or 5 days and now she has started doing it again. She is a little overweight, and I thought it might be because the fleas have been so bad here in GA, USA this year, and she can't reach back there to scratch or bite (which I have been doing for her - scratching not biting lol). She will still give a try at running but not for long, and sometimes she has a hard time squatting to pee pee. I have seen her back leg(s) shake just a tiny bit. I am just not sure what this could be... It's not a consistent thing, it isn't always 24 hr there, and after she has a bath she feels better. I don't know, I just worry about her and love her sooo much. Any help or suggestions would be helpful. My Reggie appreciates it and so do I.
Maybe she is getting arthritis if she is having a hard squatting to pee. Did the vet see her yet?
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