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Wire Chewing Cat


I am having a bit of a problem with a four year old Manx female cat named BB. Pretty well ever since we got her at the age of six months, she goes through periods of chewing on things, namely; electrical tape, cardboard boxes, packing tape, duct tape, double-faced tape, labels and stamps, not to mention electrical wiring, such as speaker wires, headset wires, coaxial cable, DC power supplies, and that's just a starter. The lucky thing is, she doesn't go after any wiring that is carrying line voltage yet.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. If so I'd love to get some feedback on how to stop it. I have spoken to a couple of vets about the situation and they feel that she should grow out of it. Well at the age of four years, and she's still doing it off and on, I feel the time of growing out of it has passed, and I'm afraid that she may graduate to the heavy wiring that would kill her, or maybe even set fire to the house.

I've done some research on the Internet, and I came up with a product called Bitter Apple by Grannick's. Has anyone had any experience with this product? there are pros and cons to whether it will work or whether it won't, or is there anything else that will work.

BB also had a very difficult first few months of life, and I'm wondering if this is causing a deficiency of some sort and she's missing something in her diet, which could be part of the problem. Anyhow, any thoughts on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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