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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I am not saying the puppy should kept away from people ,I think it should in be a puppy training class with people that can train the puppy to learn social skills. There are too many people that see a cute puppy and want to kiss it. Some woman tried to kiss my small dog and I would not let her as my dog could start barking and bite the woman by mistake.
You could see how stupid some parents are with their kids and dogs. One mother asked if her child could pet my dog while he was barking his at head off at another dog. People would let their child put their face right in front of my hearing dog face. I would have to tell the parent to move their child
back that some dogs do not like people in their space. My dog was very welled train but the next dog may not be . . I was concerned
that some child would get bitten tried to pet the puppy . A puppy can do a lot harm to a small child face if they get bitten.
A training class is necessary but not a substitute for socialization. In a class, each individual is working with their own dog and even socializing in class doesn't compare to being "out in the world".

While you would think that having a Rottweiler would eliminate the amount of stupid people who think that they can get in my dog's face, etc. It is MY job to make sure that even socializing strangers act appropriately. This is true of all dog owners with all breeds of dogs, regardless of temperament.
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