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You're not the only one with an unbalanced Bichon Working in a doggy daycare has given me quite the insight into the behaviourly disturbed lol. I was just biten by a Bichon X a couple of weeks ago, first time in all my years working with dogs that one has managed to break skin.
I agree with everyone that training classes will do you a world of good. One thing that I will suggest is that if you do have a doggy daycare near you and you decide to take your dog to it make sure you ask how the socializing with other dogs works. Some places only allow some dogs to play together, picking them based on their personalities and size. The one I am at is pretty hectic. It is size seperated but all dogs of those sizes are in the park all together. It can be quite stressful for new dogs, being introduced to a group of 50+ super excited dogs. For a pup with behavioural issues I would definitely not recommend this style of daycare.
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