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Originally Posted by LavenderRott View Post
You need to take this puppy everywhere that you can to meet all the people that you can possibly introduce. Hardware stores (I used Home Depot and Lowes) are excellent - lots of friendly people and different kinds of noises. Pet stores are ok if you follow some guidelines with a young puppy - puppy rides IN a cart with a towel or blanket on the bottom of the cart.

Sit on a park bench in a busy park and ask strangers to give your puppy a treat (which you, of course, provide them) and pet her.

I have always crated young puppies in my room for two reasons - it prevents fussing at night as puppy is close to me and it gives puppy a quiet place to nap, uninterrupted by noisy children.
I would not bring my hearing dog to Home Depot as I notice there where too many spills in the floor and I had no idea if it was harmful to my dog. And people drop tacks etc on the floor I felt that it was not a safe place to bring a dog.
I would not bring a dog that nip at people to any store .
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