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Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
A diet consisting of just raw chicken wouldn't be healthy - perhaps that's why there was tummy problems? Or maybe she was just starting her puppers on raw.. and it does take a while for the body to adjust to the change

Like any diet, feeding raw requires a bit more than just tossing raw meat to your pet - it's not horribly complicated, but you do need to do your research
The dog was a full grown Standard Poodle and it been eating raw chicken for awhile. I know Standard Poodles can have sensitive stomachs , mine did .
I think the woman just feeding her dog raw chicken and that is not a balance diet. I brought my dog a beef bone as he loved to chewed and Marty just played with the bone a little . He had no interest in the bone. That was the only raw food I gave him. Marty rather chew on my leather shoes!!
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