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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
I see all around cuteness but in his face he has the dogo shaped mouth I think but the bully eyes and face??? he is looking great!
Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I picked Dogo. The two breeds are quite similar but the A. Bulldog, in an image search, seem generally heavier boned. You showed some nice side views, almost stacked. He seems very lean, which I like. I think it would help if we knew his age, height and weight. And he is still young I think? So not at his adult weight yet? Some of the image searches were heavily muscled dogs with their show weight on so it's hard to tell.

Some Dogos, with their ears not cropped, looked a bit like Labs, expect for the skinny tail of course. Not bench Labs.

ETA: Those are from your cell phone? Nice, what phone is it? Mine has a measely 1 mp.
He is 22 months old at arround 85-90lbs. I also like that he is a bit lean but i would like him to put on a little bit of muscle weight.

My cellphone is the samsung focus... its a OK camera i guess, but i need to take like 5 pictures to get one good one haha
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