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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
...I would think this would be a good thing as will help save money on kitty litter.
ACTUALLY, it would be a very BAD thing..............

Observing and being aware of urine "deposits" in the litter box is one of the few health-monitoring tools we have at our disposal as cat guardians.

Urinary issues are ones with likely the greatest frequency of occurrence, and some of these issues are life-threatening in nature. Unless you're there on hand to monitor how much and how often you'll have no idea of his urine output.

On the surface, sure,a little savings with litter...the risk? your kitty's painfully ill, you get huge Vet bills and, at worst you lose your cat.

Yes, it's, save your video and "remember when..."

I'd be discouraging that for sure if one of mine started it.
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