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Here are my thoughts on the subject - you can take them or leave them.

Sounds like you have "trained" your dog to go outside AND inside. The reason most people train their dogs to go outside is because that way there is no confusion as far as where the dog should go.

Giving her "the dickens" for having an accident isn't doing anything so far as teaching goes. A puppy that is caught having an accident in the house is stopped and immediately taken to the place one would like the puppy to potty. Hollering and spanking is effectively teaching her to go potty in private (read being sneaky) so that she can eliminate without getting yelled at or smacked.

So. When you get up or get home, she should be taken to the proper place to do her business and praised when she goes where you want her to. When she is done- attach her to you (or your wife) with a leash so that she can't sneak off and if she should start to eliminate, you can catch her, scoop her up and take her to where you would like her to finish. If you are doing something that makes leashing her to you difficult - crate her. You have to make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to have an accident.
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