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Originally Posted by phuzzyday View Post
Here is our dog, Annie, saying hello...

She is almost 5 years old, and we still have trouble with elimination problems.
Wow, where to start?

Here is the first thread I started on her..

I really want to apply the 'Proper Parenting' principles here, this is why I am asking the experts again..

Seems like we have all agreed that her 'place to go' is in our walk through closet off of our bedroom. The pads are still the target, but, due to a lack of success, I have lined the whole closet with plastic screwed to the floor through the carpet. (Balcony works during the summer, and she does use it, but at -30, we aren't so thrilled with that idea.)

My wife saw a 'tray' in Wal-Mart which was the perfect size for a pad, and after I explained how we needed to show her the way, it seemed like things were going ok for a while. What she did was, when we first got home and un-crated her, we would take her to the pad, and give her the ol' PEE command, and she would do it right on target! Then we lay on the praise, and give her a freeze dried liver treat. She's mental for those. They are like crack for her. We have been trying to maintain that training for weeks on end. She KNOWS what the command means, and lots of time she does it. Sometimes, we place her there, tell her to do it, and she just heads straight for the crate! This may be connected to the fact that at times, when she DOES misbehave, we deprive her of our company for a while by crating her as punishment. Still, she seems to love the crate, so we haven't ruined it I guess.. (When we are getting dressed to leave, she hops right in there before we even ask.) Anyway, the tray hasn't turned out to be a significant change overall, other then the fact we spend less on pads.

What happens though, is after we let her out, when we get home, any time we aren't paying attention, she sneaks into the room, and pees outside of the closet right on the bedroom rug. Over and over. (Thank goodness for wet vacs) Seemed like as soon as I put the plastic down, she started going further away from the closet. Still, I don't think she is uncomfortable with the plastic, since sometimes she'll pee right on it, no pad at all. My wife gradually moves the pad as the dog trains her (?) closer to where the pee usually ends up. And SOMETIMES, maybe 50%? She does the RIGHT thing!! Perfect!

I would love to get some insight into how her mind is working. She's not dumb by any means. But there is a REASON why she is doing this. She knows the pads are her target, and before the plastic and tray were there, things overall were no different.

She is comfortable being crated whenever we are away. I don't think it would be too hard to crate her at night, but the worst times are during the day anyhow. I Think..

I know getting angry it technically not the answer. But I do. We live in a farming area, and the usual routine seems to give the hound a lickin' when they misbehave, and they learn quick. We have tried getting angry and swatting her with newspapers and such, she just cowers and runs away (to the den) as soon as she can, and it doesn't change anything.

Sorry I am rambling on so much, this has been building for a while....

I set up a motion detector with a laptop and webcam, and my wife ran in on her red handed while she was peeing. Gave her the dickens. She did it again as soon as she had the chance.

Help?? PLEASE??? I am going a bit crazy here, and I don't want to lose my temper on her!! (Repeatedly..)

I feel hitting your dog is not going to stop her for peeing on the floor. She maybe becoming scarce and nervous from all that hitting and yelling and this will cause her to more accidents in the house. I bet your poor dog is a
nervous wreak. My dog Marty had accidents in the house when I first got him and I would just take him outside and let him know that is where he
pee. It only took a few times for Marty to understand this and I did not hit him or yell at him. He is a rescued dog and I needed to made him feel safe with me not frighten of me. I think you should try to put yourself in your dog's place and think how would it feel to have a person bigger than you hitting you and yelling at you. You may pee on the floor too.
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