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Originally Posted by babymomma View Post
Does anybody elses cat do it besides mine?

For months now, jasper refuses to pee in his litterbox. I just woke up one morning, thought i heard water running and jasper was up peeing on the toilett. Im not complaining by any means, i just wish he would learn how to flush. He still poops in his box though .

Plus, can anybody shed some light on WHY he started doing this ? Im curiosu cause i havent heard of it happening on its own before. Ive heard of people training for it but this is a new one for me

Be careful or your cat could end doing this and you'll have a huge water bill.
Some people kept getting a huge water bill and had no idea why it was so high. The husband was home one day sick in bed and heard water running and found the cat flushing the toilet over and over!
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