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Originally Posted by Soundy View Post
No, not like Michael Jackson... like, scent tracking?

Just signed Groucho up with Qs4K9s as they came recommended... we start next Saturday!

Last summer, at Clayton dog park, Groucho suddenly took off, bolted 100' or so across the small dog section, slipped through a gap in the fence into the all-dog section, ran up to two women, stood up on his hind legs sniffing around their pockets... turns out one of them had liver treats in her pocket. Pup has an amazing nose, so we're hoping this will be a good task for him!

When I had my standard poodle I would carry salmon treats for him. One day when I was walking in the woods with my dog , I had 3 or 4 dogs following me and some dogs where trying to put their noses in my shorts pocket and my shorts where getting pulled off! I stopped carrying the salmon treats after that. My new dog, Marty keep his nose to the ground in our yard looking for rabbit poop! Gross!
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