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Im getting a temporary.

On sunday i will be making a new addition to my pack.
I dont know how temprary its going to be though.
Could be up to a year maybe. Im kind of excited, i raised her from 8 weeks up until she was about 4 months old so i already know this dogs temporment and what she is like to work with .

She is my aunts dog, my aunt is in the middle of a divorce and is moving into a rental house until her new house is built. they havent even started building it yet.

This was bailey as a pup, when i was still very involved in her raising

this is bailey now.
any suggestions on how to help a dog loose weight ?

Actually , to be honest, shes even worse then that now. :/

some advice would be nice on helping her loose weight at a healthy pace.
Shes a faulty lab lol... Shes not lacking an off switch like so many ive ever experienced. shes lacking an on switch. She is THE calmest dog, and always has been. Shes very trustworthy. Hasnt been in a crate since she was a small pup and has yet to destroy or get into anything she isnt supposed to when left alone, she is amazing with a heart of pure gold.
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