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Originally Posted by Lycan709 View Post
I have spent so much time researching cat diseases and symptoms, and have used many resources, including a Veterinary Encyclopedia. Lycan is an anomaly to Medical Science thus far. He is not alone, because I've found various other cases of cats with idiopathic spasms, and they never received a diagnosis either....

I hope I can find out what's wrong before it is too late. It is unlikely, but I have to try, while keeping in mind that he may in fact have FIP (which can have neurological signs)

A couple of weeks ago, I had left you a suggestion in another thread just after you posted there.....I have a feeling you may not have seen it.

My suggestion came from personal experience with 2 other diseases...and reflects what I would do today were I faced with your dilemma.

Now, you've researched 'all over the place' and you've posted your story on at least one other forum.

What you haven't yet done (so far as I can tell) is to bring Lycan's story in front of a group or two of feline guardians whose sole online focus is FIP.

Now, since 1999, about 4,000 people with FIP kitties have participated in those groups and, while not all of them are active participants today, the group owners and many core committed members will populate the groups. Certainly, there have been cats with neurological symptoms dealt with by these people and, nowhere else in cyberspace will you have access to so much collective experience....which is precisely why I would be bringing my story there.

Rather than copy the whole thing, here's the link to that post

I know you'll keep us updated. Thinking of you
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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