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This is an update on Lycan:

We still we have no diagnosis for Lycan. The good news is: THE FULL BODY SPASMS ARE GONE! Perhaps the phenobarbital (for seizures) has helped, or maybe it's a coincidence. But he is still having problems. His back legs bother him a lot and he seems edgy. His tail has developed this weird "shiver" when he gets excited. I have never seen a cat's tail do that. He also experiences small twitches in his face and has difficulty walking/jumping. But he's happier than he was, because he doesn't have the spasms to keep him up a night. So now he can sleep peacefully. Thank ******* god. But yeah, we did more and more and more tests, and the only out-of-normal results we've come up with is that he has an extremely high Corona Virus Titer Level, which supports but does not prove a diagnosis of FIP (cats can have high levels and never get FIP), and his Thyroid levels arel normal, but a little low for someone of his age. He has been checked for everything, including Hyper and Hypothyroidism, but now I'm wondering, though rare, if he may have Hyperparathyroidism. There's so little left to check, unless we do a spinal tap, which seems extreme and dangerous, considering the results of disease discovered through spinal fluid is usually grave and incurable. He's been biting/licking at his right back leg (the one he seems to have the most trouble walking with) and he has some cuts on it - we don't know if this was a rough-play injury that he keeps bothering so it can't heal, or if it's a lesion that has developed randomly, which also supports an FIP diagnosis. He seems less interested in food and water than he used to be. He lost weight within a two-week period, but then he gained some back, so we're not sure if that is a factor, or if he was just eating less because of the hot weather. This is very frustrating.

I have spent so much time researching cat diseases and symptoms, and have used many resources, including a Veterinary Encyclopedia. Lycan is an anomaly to Medical Science thus far. He is not alone, because I've found various other cases of cats with idiopathic spasms, and they never received a diagnosis either. Unfortunately, a lot of these cats ended up dying prematurely due to lung/heart/blood issues, so maybe there is something to look into there. I have checked his heart/lungs/blood/liver/kidney/thyroid/etc. But still no conclusive results. Something is hiding somewhere. I hope I can find out what's wrong before it is too late. It is unlikely, but I have to try, while keeping in mind that he may in fact have FIP (which can have neurological signs), which means he may be dying, so I should be careful what I'm willing to put him through (less stress is best), I want him to be happy and stress free, even if that means I may not discover the truth. It is a very difficult situation.
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