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Red Bumps??


My dog and I were camping this weekend and when we got home 2 days ago I noticed he has small red bumps on his legs, a few under is belly near his back legs, and in between his toes! He is a 5 year old yorkshire terrier/poodle cross, and we have been going camping in the same exact location for his whole life and he has never had this happen before. The bumps do not seem to be getting any worse; however, he does lick at his legs and paws quite a bit so I can tell he is uncomfortable. He has not had any changes to his diet. I use Advantix on him religiously every month, so this should not be a flea problem. At first I thought they were just bug bites, but there seems to be too many to be bug bites and they are clustered in a couple of areas. I called my regular vet yesterday and they said to just monitor him and if it gets worse, bring him in. The bumps are not getting any worse, but I would like to know what I could put onto these bumps so they aren't so itchy for him. Also, how long should I wait for the bumps to go away before taking him to the vet? Unforunately, there is only one vet working this week at the place I usually go to (others are on holidays), so I am unable to get an appointment for this week and they will not reccomend anything for me to use on the bumps without being able to see him.

Thank you in advance!
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