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Originally Posted by Gaia View Post
All is going pretty good.
Yes, she is being crate trained. We keep some of her toys in there and put some treats every now and then so that she can learn it's a happy place.

She been going on walks in the morning and in the evening (its been much too hot in the middle of the day lately to take her in the afternoon). And she's been absolutely great on walks! She walks either beside or behind us most of the time. When she starts to pull ahead, she's gently corrected. Occasionally she will take the leash in her mouth if it goes near her face, but she quickly drops it.

I know it all takes patience and calm leadership. Everything will be worked out one step at a time.

Thanks for all the advice!
I had dog and got a kitten and the two became best friends . I was lucky my dog was so good with the kitten , she would let the kitten nurse on her . A friend found the kitten in the street , some jerk throw the poor kitten away like trash!
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