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Frogs Are Here!

I have now had the African dwarf frogs for two weeks, have had one near disaster, and discovered that the commercially prepared food most recommended for frogs is unavailable and been forced to go with the more natural food: frozen worms and insects. It appears that the food made specifically for aquatic frogs has been discontinues, and every site devoted specifically to these frogs says that fish food is bad for them and can eventually kill them. Bloodworms being recommended, thats what they are getting. (I use tweezers though, I refuse to actually touch those worms) The betta has to be fed seperately, or he eats everything and the frogs get nothing. He cleans the tweezers off before they get near the frogs.
Other than stealing all the food, the betta and the frogs mostly ignore each other. The betta followed the frogs around for the first day or so, now I've seen him swim over them so close his fins brush them, and neither react.
They have three black claws on the back feet to help launch themselves and climb and dig, but no claws on the front feet. There is also webbing between the front feet, but it's hard to see in these pictures.
Can you find the second frog in the second picture?
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