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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
I have only heard good things about them. One friend had one for her very thunder sensitive dog and it worked great until the dog ate it :P
That is so funny, Choochi.

I think Terrie that some dogs have (what's the word?) super acute hearing, or that's the conclusion I came to when Shady was freaked out by certain sounds. She wasn't a scared dog in any other way , just thunder/fireworks etc. terrified her. I myself have hearing that is better in one ear than the other and if anyone yells on the wrong side of me they'd have to duck or I'd slam them one. It hurts my ear! Dogs are so much more sensitive, you could train a dog whispering commands to it and that would work as well, probably better, than shouting at it.
Choochi, I know this vest would be a sort of security blanket, just hadn't ever seen the design or what they are made of. They remind me of that 'suit' our top racehorse wore, Black Caviare, when she was flown to England, although that of course had other properties that were very important.
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