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Originally Posted by dmskraba View Post
I set a trap last night around mealtime, and the injured cat walked right past it! Sure enough, by morning I'd caught a young raccoon.
One of the tricks I learned is to set the trap with a long string and stick (holding the trap door part open with the stick, and not arming the trap in the usual way) so you can selectively pull the string and catch whom you want. This of course, involves being on site.

I use this to capture mother cats first (ignoring any of her kittens that enter it) and then later catch the kittens. We've found if a kitten is snagged first, the mother will often move the others and foil our objective to get them all.

I also use this to make sure I get a specific adult cat I want, and ignoring others already who might venture-in, like racoons and possums too.

When desperate I also get smelly sardines to bait the trap.

Best of luck to you.

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