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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Maybe a Roomba would help--it does its own vacuuming. Not sure how well it would work with long-haired dogs around, though.
Not worth the money. I had one, still had fur balls, it's no where near thorough enough and is more annoying and helpless then helpful.

Why the expectation of a clean house with two dogs and children? Hellooo reality check! Unless you have hired help or the children are old enough to clean the house, if any one is complaining about this hand them the vacuum and say thank you! or get rid of the kids, the husband, and the dogs.. in that order You're nuts if you're putting that much pressure on yourself, that's not good. Unless you're in the process of selling the house, I really don't get the obsession to have a show ready home while you live in it.
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