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I will also add that Kitty really had very little side effects from the chemo. The Vinblastine (which is the stronger I.V. form of chemo) twice made her a little nauseous a few days later. She threw up once or twice and for a day or so, didn't have much appetite. The first time she got sick, they adjusted her next treatment and gave her antibiotics to keep her blood count up. The second time she got sick it was much milder (we just kind of noticed that she wasn't running around as much and acting like herself). The pill form of chemo which the vet called CCNU had no side effects whatsoever. Kitty had 8 rounds of chemo. She went every 2 weeks and we alternated between the 2 kinds.

Kitty is doing absolutely great! She plays like a kitten still. I'm going to go try to post a picture now that I have instructions.
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