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Sorry I'm just seeing this after being on vacation in a terrible place with no internet! Ugh, how do people live like that!

sr7628, I went to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro. Kitty's oncologist is Dr. Suzanne Rau and she is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend her. Kitty just went for her final chemo yesterday and had an ultrasound as well. She has no disease in her organs and 2 lymph nodes that were enlarged at the last ultrasound (done halfway through the chemo) are now shrunk to normal size Dr. Rau was ecstatic. She never suggested to me that chemo was not necessary or would not help. If it is not too far for you to drive, I would definitely recommend that you see her or at least get a second opinion from someone in Raleigh.

I REALLY could not be more pleased with Kitty's outcome. If you read all my posts, then you saw what a hopeless situation this seemed when it all started.

Has your vet prescribed Pepcid for Klaus? Mast cell disease causes the kitty to produce a lot of chemicals like stomach acid. Kitty takes a 10mg Pepcid everyday to combat that (she takes 1/2 of the tablet in morning and half at night). It is just regular human Pepcid.
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