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I can certainly understand what your saying. We went through this same thing a year ago with our other cat. We ended up putting him through ultrasound (which wasn't pleasant for him) and that didn't tell the story. So then they did the scoping and biopsy. That obviously wasn't pleasant. They STILL weren't sure. Unfortunately he died within the month and had spent his last days going through unconfortable procedures and when he died - still not sure why.

So we swore we would never do that again. Our vet said the meds would not have any side affects but we're not finding that to be quite true.

Anyway, I was just wondring if anybody else had a similar situation where the numbers are not fully indicative of cancer, thyroid or kidney and found out it was something else......

We're getting a second opinion from a vet from a different state that we use to see who saved Dana once before when other vets were stumped......
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