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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Wow those are some heavy wounds that were inflicted on that poor girl.

I was out scouting for late night photography locations last night.
The "lookout" on Mount -Royal was infested with raccoons. there must have been 30 of them all going through the garbage. They were BIG.
They freaked me right out and did NOT respond to sharp noises that i tried to make to get them to go away. In fact they weren't the least bit afraid of me.
I think they taunted me actually...calling me baldy, and making chicken noises.
I was not able to take even 1 image.
Poor marko! I hope you reported the raccoons for bullying you. When I was trying to trap a homeless cat a raccoon got trapped instead , I did not let it out of the trap. I tried to call the ACO with no luck and had to call the polices. I guess you will have to carry some pepper spray when you go out . Yeah, that is what I am talking about , the wild animals are getting very bold and losing their fear of people . A seagull flew right down and took my grandchild sandwich right out of her hands . She was lucky and was not hurt!
The city should put some some warning signs about the raccoons before someone is badly hurt or a child get killed. I am glad you are OK!
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