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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It doesn't happen often, GF, but as with all wild animals, they will defend themselves and their young. This time of year there are kits out and I suspect the coons were defending young ones. Raccoons can be large--30 pounds or better--so they can be formidable when they feel threatened.
Not only that the wild lives are losing their habitat and are being pushed closer to our homes . I find some animals are losing their fear of people as they less land to hunt on and have go where the food is, and sadly that food is people pets. We have a coyote that cut right through our driveway , I was talking to my neighbors and the coyote just ran right pass us. I had never seen a coyote get that close to people before. I was told by a wildlife expert
to carry a big walking stick when I take walks in the woods with my dog. I was to use to the stick to made sounds to frighten away an animal or to fight it of if needed to.
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