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Sadly, much worse than anticipated, lindapalm, and not really due to my knee. I take anti-inflammatories for other problems and they'd made me stop taking them a week before the op.. I also can only get comfortable with my sore hip and back on a very firm mattress, while they pride themselves on the lovely soft mattress they supply in Acute Care. So, hours of agony there, and even worse, I am sensitive to morphein or anything related to it. They swapped from morphein to Endone(same thing or related), then to Targen(sp?)(same thing or related) so I was as sick as a dog for an entire week, saved only by my GP paying me a visit and telling them to get me off all 3. He put me on Tramahexal and it was 100% better, but that was the week from Hell where I couldn't do the exercises I should have been doing, so now I'm battling to get the knee mobile again. I lost either 8 or 12 kg over 9 days, so sick that I'd refuse meals and just eat dry bread, and you can't blame the nurses seeing they can only give you what Dr's tell them to. Can't wait to see the surgeon again.
I can walk, slowly seeing it's wet and muddy, around the garden, or out to our letter box, and tomorrow go back for a new set of exercises from the physio. If anyone reckons this is easy, the best thing they ever did, then I think it must be like childbirth, where women sort of forget the pain involved. To get back on topic a tiny bit, Bo is the only dog, and maybe Silk a little bit, that can't take no for an answer. He wants to leap onto my lap, she wants to crawl up my leg. LOL.
Hazel, I've been looking at your albums on FB and must find time to have a look through them, but it's only last night and today I've been able to sit more than a few minutes comfortably.
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