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sc child killed by rotts...

so i know im a few yrs late on this but i just now found this..i am a family member of the child that was im gonna state a few facts that are not mentioned..first off the mother was not at home at the time..she was at work..and the father and two children(that including asia)were all asleep when asia woke up before anyone else..the doors were locked..she unlocked the doors and went out to the dogs..she always played with these dogs so she thought nothing of i do agree that she should have never been allowed to be so comfortable with these dogs..but not becouse of their breed but becouse they were big dogs..i have a child the same age myself and i would never let her get comfortable with big dogs..any big dogs..and becouse this did happen to this precious child i am very wary of any kind of big bothers me that alot of people on here act like he took her out to the dogs he wanted this to happen..i will tell you that her parents live with this everyday and suffer every single day of their lives..their has been permanent damage not only for her parents but for the rest of the family..see the news didnt tell the whole story..all they said was she was unsupervised outside..not all the i realize there will still be alot of people that will only see it as irresponsible parents and so forth..but again there is more to it than what was told..and these are the facts!!!
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