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Injured Feral Cat

There are several feral cats in my neighborhood. I've been caring for them as best I can since my husband feels we have enough animals (6) inside. In the last few weeks, I noticed that one of the "yearlings" somehow hurt its back leg. The leg looks very dark on the underside, but I can't get a good look because he/she runs away when I get within 10 yards. The cat keeps the leg elevated when moving around. He/she is eating and getting around OK, except using just 3 legs. I don't know what to do. If I trap it to take to the vet, the leg may need to be amputated. If so, I would hate to release the cat back into the wilds again, and my husband refuses to let me keep him/her.
Is it kinder to allow nature to take its course, whether that means the cat will recover on its own or not?
What would you do? I really want to do what's best.

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