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Concern of side effect from Soloxine

My dog Honey who is a female 5 year old Pit Bull has been put on Soloxine for hypothyroidism by our vet. Now since she has been put on it she has been showing signs of aggression towards our other dog which is much smaller than her. Fontaine who is a male 2 yeard old terrier mix and Honey use to be the best of friends. I mean little Fontaine use to clean Honey's ears and teeth and play with Honey. But now he's scared to even go near here. See ever since Honey was put on Soloxine, she's been trying to use poor little Fontaine as her chew toy. Well I've read that aggression and/or personality change is a side effect from taking Soloxine, and I was wondering what I might be able to do about this? I would really like for my dogs to be be able to play together again. My dad has threatened to get rid of Honey if she doesn't stop trying to use Fontaine as a chew toy. Even though we have had her much longer than the other dog. Please is there anyone out there that can help out with this or that has any information that might be useful? I'm in great need of you answers!!!!
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