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Originally Posted by afxwinter View Post
Sorry it took me so long to update!
To be honest, he hasn't really improved very much.
I never leave anything with thin wires out anymore as it's guaranteed he'll chew through them.
He still jumps in front of the tv and actually scratches at the screen now.
The worst habit he now has is that he will meow at my bedroom door to try to wake me up at the same time I usually wake up for work on the weekends or if I'm on holidays so sleeping in is never an option.
He'll actually throw himself at the door or the nearby closet door to make even louder noises and jolt me up from sleep.
I'm trying to be consistant with my punishment by yelling NO and spraying him with a water bottle every time he does this but it's clearly not going to work with him.
I'm now thinking of getting a second cat in hopes that he won't be as bored or reliant on me as he currently is.
What do you think?
I like the idea as long as they are well suited to each other, in other words both high energy cats, or "brats" as badger calls them . Perhaps a male between 9 & 18 months. You will find they will occupy each other and tire themselves out.
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