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Originally Posted by TrillKikiLucky View Post
so last year in January i found this stray cat she wandered into my garage after being chased. i live in a desert so it was probably a coyote or more. i put up flyers for someone to claim her but no one ever did. instantly i became attached so i was relieved that they never did. she is a very happy cat and incredibly vocal. i thought she was a Siamese given her coloring and her eyes but when you Google pictures of the breed they always have skinny faces and she does not. but she fits the personality. then i was watching cats 101 and they showed a birman cat and i was like interesting this could be her. so i googled that and the trait for one is white paws, which she has. i'm no expert in breeds, i just would like to know what breed she truly is.
Attachment 77871

Attachment 77872
i inserted two pictures a close up of her beautiful face and then one showing her more full length and a paw (all four of her paws look like that)
She is beautiful!!

here is a link of cats breeds
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