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Barking Dog:

Sadly this has crossed my mind, I wish she could talk, butI have not seen anything unusual in odors or waste so I am choosing to think otherwise. I have not been gone I have been very busy long hours away from the house the last week of June. This past week I have been home full time Wed thru today. If I went somewhere she went with me, with the exception of errands way too hot to wait in the car. So she has had me on overload that is why I am confused. I have been cleaning things out so maybe she senses a change, or maybe she has figured out I am leaving Thursday for Vacation. I have hid the suitcase and packing in the spare bedroom which the door is always closed. Sometimes they are too smart! Thanks for the post
My dogs always know when I am going out , you dog can sense something is going on and if you travel a lot she will know what your suitcase means. I bet she know you are going away. I had a cat that would hide as soon as he saw his cat carrier as he knew it was time to go to the vet! Yeah our pets are too smart , it is hard to get away with anything as they're always watching us so closely.
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