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Change in Behavior

Hello All,

I have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Maggie; it is just the two of us so there is not another canine or human factor. She is 10 years old and 2 days ago she started following me around the house This is not about her loving me and wanting to be close, I know her inside and out, this is different. She will greet me when I come home as usually, do the bathroom thing, feed her and love on her. The usual. So now after the usual she follows me around and looks at me, I will give her a rub & scratch which would normally satisfy her, she enjoys the attention but she stays right there. I was just in the laundry room and she came in and just stood there not even looking at me, I pet her then said go lay down, normally she would find a soft spot to get comfy. She actually sat by the door waiting for my next move. I have checked her ears for infection, checked her gums her breath is the same, she is not uncomfortable as she will go to sleep once I park my self. I can't find any tender spot either. Any ideas?
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