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Thanks, Hazmat.

His nails were unable to be trimmed until this vet visit (Jarvis must always be sedated by the vets and they are using multiple skilled people to handle him). He is in an E-collar now. Don't see how I can trim them in future. He is extremely fearful and panics easily. The other cats have their nails trimmed.

The vet guessed Jarvis was a year old last Fall when the they first saw him. He was retested for FIV (with a different test) a month later, which also confirmed his FIV positive status.

This past vet visit (3 days ago) showed no fleas or parasites, though I will ask about using a monthly flea med like Advantage II.

We swapped all the ceramic dishes/bowls for all stainless steel 2 days ago. Eating materials were and are always cleaned 2x per day. (I never saw any of my cats drinking that much anyway but they are now steel also and cleaned 2x daily.)

On socialization, there are several opinions. My mentor in this who runs the a large animal rescue organization has tons of experience and he has found that letting the cats all "sort it out themselves" is best—letting the fur fly and establishing the pecking order. We tried that and Jarvis was always chased into permanent hiding. So we began work with a behaviorist (using various techniques) but discontinued when this all happened. Maybe we didn't let it happen long enough.

At present, Jarvis is isolated from all but one of our cats who tolerates him, and whom Jarvis likes. The vets think we should keep it that way (separate) at least until his acute episode is resolved.

Still trying to figure the food (other than raw at this time). Currently, we switched from Natural Balance (chicken or turkey) to Merrick B/G 96% Beef. Vet seems to think that was an OK switch but am reading lots of info on this now. I'd give him Wellness Chicken or Turkey but he was previously eating chicken and turkey (though a different brand). So, still trying to finalize the plan there and there seem to be many opinions.

All I can figure is that no grain seems a good idea, high in basic protein content, few carbs. As to what food exactly, I am unsure other than a switch from what he was eating.

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