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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Hi Jarvis1! Sounds like you and your kitty are having a bit of rough go of it right now. Along with the excellent advice RUSTYcat and Love4himies gave you, I'd also like to suggest that you look into a supplement called Transfer Factor Plus for Jarvis. 1 or 2 capsules a day mixed into wet food should help boost his immune system and hopefully prevent secondary health conditions such as ECG from developing.

For the stress that he's likely experiencing, maybe a Feliway diffuser plugged into his room will help him feel a little calmer. Another one for the rest of your cats, if you aren't already using them, might help them be more accepting of him.

And lastly, I swear by the benefits of feeding a raw diet. There are some great commercial frozen products available that make it as easy as opening a can, or if you're up for the challenge, you can make your own from scratch. Some good info at this link on the why's and how's:

All the best to you and Jarvis. Crossing my fingers that his ECG gets resolved and that you can eventually integrate him into the rest of your household.
Thank-you, Sugarcatmom.

Yes, we are already using the Feliway difusers and even the spray. We had also been using group scent transfer (with a sock alternately petting all our cats), until Jarvis became untouchable.

I have read your well-argued older posts on a raw diet (and other posts on food) and will study this more for certain. I did not know about the frozen versions.

Must the Transfer Factor Plus be used indefinitely with Jarvis because he is FIV? Also, can it also help with one of my other rescues, Rudy, who has Herpes (runny eyes, sneezing, etc.) I'm not up to date on the Herpes help beyond oral Lysine.

How do you currently feel about the various food brands I'm using (currently Merrick's Beef, Wellness (the grain free ones, I presume) and Natural Balance (chicken and turkey), which has been my mainstay, as most of my cats do not reject it and it seemed a good brand, well respected by some of the people with whom I do rescue work?

Thanks to all of you!
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