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Originally Posted by RUSTYcat View Post
Feedback on your post? I think you're covering most of the bases. I didn't "get" what you meant by the italicized part here..."location"???


By "behavior", do you mean these...
Thanks, RUSTYcat. This means a lot to me.

By "location" I mean the area where the lesion is—under his chin/neck. So he has used his uncut back claws to tear himself up there.

By "behavior" I mean I am unsure how this all began (the scratching til he literally flecks blood and cries), even as I can suspect some stressor from his being alienated by the other cats. In truth, I don't really know the cause, and as he is an FIV cat (even a young one) there may be confounding variables too. I hear you that "not knowing" the origin is a common experience with EGC.

Regarding the other --post-sedation and in the E-collar "listless" behavior--collectively, the vet today said it all seemed normal (agreeing with you). And indeed he is eating when I show him the food. This is important as I can't administer the oral antibiotics any other way as he is very fearful, panicked at times at our approach.

The vet says we'll evaluate after the 3-week collar period, which may include steroid shots like those linked article.

How was your EGC guy treated? Wonderful that it did not recur. I know that this may also recur, which is horrific since getting him to the vet is a nightmare. I had to trap him with my feral cat trap, in his room but may not get so lucky this next time with the collar. I was not prepared for this young cat to have quality-of-life issues so early. I do not know how I'll get him there in 3 weeks. But one day at a time...

I hear you about avoiding over-thinking this. I suppose there has always been a sadness about Jarvis in that he so wanted to be accepted among the others and mostly has not been, and instead became even more fearful. I've since questioned my keeping him (I had planned to trap-neuter-return) but my wife says I am not very good at the "return" part! And now this. Otherwise, he is comfortable, well-fed and has a good space, and a better life had I not rescued him, so I am told. And I have had such unbroken success with the other ferals I took from the Bronx Streets, kept, trained, and adopted-out. So this is my first real reversal. It is also hard to watch this young beauty suffer (an all black robust boy that is much like a Panther); so again, this is a somewhat different experience for me than with the many other cats I've had to care for as they grew sick and died. So, it is part of MY process, I suppose.

Thank-you for the online FIV resources and the other links. This is already what I have hoped from my joining there today.
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